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Software Consultancy
- A new framework for implementing best practices.

CompuTech Inc.'s application development division is quickly becoming a key resource for many of our most demanding customers. The rapid growth and proliferation of the Internet/Intranet has posed unique opportunities as well as challenges for today's organizations. No longer is the availability and manipulation of data limited to the home office. To excel and surpass the competition today, all members of the organization must have access from anywhere at any time. CompuTech Inc. can achieve this goal for your company, with total security of course. Utilizing the latest and most cutting edge tools we are bringing solutions to this market with greater speed and flexibility. No longer willing to work with typical "solutions-in-a-box"?. Please call our offices today to



- design extensible windows forms applications.
- build configurable web-based applications.
- add dynamic maps to your applications

Computer Services and Maintenance Contracts

Naturally a product is only as good as the company that stands behind it. CompuTech Inc. has been servicing not only the products we sell but also those of our competitors for over 15 years. We are equipped to handle all aspects of computer repair and upgrading. Service is provided at our Chester facility. We are also specialized in the repair and maintenance of laser printers (click here).

We also provide maintenance contracts for those companies who wish to contain costs and remain within budget. One of our representatives would be glad to provide you with details or arrange a free onsite inspection of your facility to determine actual needs.

Customer site service/repair during Normal Business Hours. Includes fixing and replacing parts of PCs, printers, peripherals, application software installation and setup. Cost of parts is additional.
Consulting/Networking during Normal Business Hours. Repairing any computer running at network operating system (eg. Novell Netware, Windows NT Server, Sun Solaris), configuration, troubleshooting, remote access support, installation of networking equipments (routes, firewalls, file servers, switches, hubs, etc.)
Phone support during normal business hours.
Extended hours service/consulting. Any repair, phone support, remote access support, service or consulting requested outside Normal Business Hours.
Software Design / Project Management. Consulting on software development strategies, training on development technologies, managing development projects.
Programming. Development/Software coding Visual Basic, VBA, Java, Javascript, VB Script, HTML, XML, MS Access, ASP, SQL Server, Crystal Reports etc.
Off-Shore programming. Development/Software coding Visual Basic, VBA, Java, Javascript, VB Script, HTML, XML, MS Access, ASP, SQL Server, Crystal Reports etc.
Programming (Maintenance). Maintenance changes made to software development projects executed by CompuTech only.
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Still sniffing for Network Problems ? Here is the secure key to the door of your global network

CompuTech Inc. has been designing and deploying LAN/WAN technology for over a decade. Our intrinsic knowledge of network operating systems combined with our first hand experience with a variety of LAN hardware insures both compatibility and performance. Unfortunately there is no shortage of "LAN Professionals" who really don't know their CNE from their MTV. So before you go hiring some cheese eating high school kid for sixty five grand a year, to bring your company to a grinding halt call us. At CompuTech we have spent hundreds of hours designing and deploying networks, so we understand the particle issues which arise. We provide the following services:

Network Design
Hardware Specification
Installation & Customization
Remote Network Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Resource Monitoring and Optimization

Getting it right the first time is our mission statement when it comes to network implementation.



As part of the comprehensive menu of services we provide CompuTech Inc. continues to sell products for every facet of computing. We have made a lot of friends over the past 15 years by satisfying the diverse computer needs of our varied client base. CompuTech brings the same level of expertise to every system we sell. Whether it's a single user home PC, or a large corporate LAN implementation you are always dealing with a team of committed professionals who know you personally. Quality components and a comprehensive understanding of operating systems assure the success of our customers